License Plate Covers to Block Cameras

Understanding License Plate Covers Designed to Block Cameras

License plate covers designed to block cameras come in various forms, including sprays and physical covers, with the aim of making the license plate unreadable by cameras. These products are typically used to avoid detection by red light and speed cameras. However, it's important to note that the legality of these devices varies by state and country, and it's essential to consult local laws before using them.


In many states, it is illegal to use any device that obscures or alters the visibility of a license plate. Laws specifically mentioning the use of license plate covers or sprays vary from state to state. For example, California, Colorado, and Texas prohibit their use, while states like Alabama and Alaska allow them. It is crucial to check your local laws before considering these products.

Types of Products


Products like PhotoBlocker spray create a reflective coating on the license plate, making it hard to read when a photo is taken by a camera with a flash. These sprays are generally invisible to the naked eye and need to be applied in multiple coats. They are also advertised as being weatherproof and durable.

Physical Covers

There are various physical covers available, such as the IR Invisi-Plate, which is designed to block infrared light from cameras while remaining visible to the naked eye. Another example is the PhotoShield™ cover, which uses a diffusion lens to make the license plate unreadable from certain angles. There are also products like the Super Protector and Photo Blur, which are designed to block the view of cameras from specific angles while keeping the license plate visible from directly behind.


The effectiveness of these products can vary. Some, like the PhotoShield™ cover, have been featured in media and claimed to be effective against various types of traffic cameras. The IR Invisi-Plate is specifically aimed at newer IR cameras but does not work against older photo enforcement cameras. It's important to consider the type of traffic cameras used in your area when choosing a product.

Other Considerations

Other methods to obscure license plates include using reflective substances, grease, infrared LEDs, and even specialized devices like license plate-flippers or smart glass covers. However, many of these methods may not be legal and could potentially attract penalties if discovered.